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 Introduction to obstetrics

The obstetrics department of Songxian People's Hospital is a department integrating prevention, health care, medical treatment, teaching and scientific research,To provide perinatal health care for pregnant women in our county,Natural delivery, cesarean section,Newborn bath, swimming, touching,Newborn medicine bath, postpartum rehabilitation, postpartum prolactin and other one-stop services,Our department has strong technical force,There are 48 medical staff,Among them, there are two deputy chief physicians,There are 8 physicians in charge,Two resident doctors,31 nurses,Among them, 11 were midwives and 4 were postpartum therapists。Obstetrics combined with neonatology, ICU, anesthesiology, blood transfusion, ultrasound and other specialties constitute a skilled and well-trained team,Cooperated with the maternal and perinatal emergency and critical treatment team,Is our county obstetrics emergency critical care center,Responsible for the rescue work of pregnant women in the county,It is the safest delivery unit in our county。
Advanced department equipment,It has 2 central monitoring units for mother and child,Two ordinary fetal heart monitors,One set of six fetal heart monitors and one anesthesia machine,2 radiation rescue tables for newborns,1 percutaneous bilirubin analyzer,One neonatal hearing screening,More than 10 sets of postpartum rehabilitation facilities and 4 sets of postpartum prolactation and other advanced inspection, midwifery, treatment and rehabilitation equipment。
At present, there are 76 open beds in our ward, and there are deluxe single rooms, ordinary single rooms, two rooms and three rooms in the ward, which can meet the needs of different people。
Main projects carried out by the department:
1.In our county, we took the lead in carrying out painless delivery, doula delivery, new type of cesarean section, improved lower abdominal transincision incision intradermal suture and postoperative analgesia and other advanced technology projects, which relieved the tension and fear of childbirth for pregnant women。The cesarean section rate was significantly reduced。Especially in difficult labor delivery, complicated cesarean section (third, fourth, fifth cesarean section and dangerous placenta previa), severe preeclampsia treatment, gestational diabetes treatment, refractory postpartum hemorrhage comprehensive treatment and other aspects of the leading position in county hospitalsFor intractable postpartum massive hemorrhage such as placenta previa, placental abruption, and weak postpartum uterine contraction, B-lynch suture, uterine backpack suture, and ascending branch ligation of uterine artery were used to effectively control postpartum hemorrhage, preserve the patient's reproductive function to the maximum extent, and reduce postpartum complications。At the same time, strengthen perioperative management, pneumatic pump treatment to prevent the occurrence of lower limb venous thrombotic diseases, and can treat postpartum complications by combining traditional Chinese and Western medicine。
  2.Newborn disease screening, newborn hearing screening, bathing, touching, swimming, newborn medicine bath and other services were carried out for newborns, especially newborn massage and newborn medicine bath have remarkable effects on the prevention and treatment of neonatal jaundice, and have been unanimously praised by their families。
3.Carry out postpartum rehabilitation,Our hospital spent a lot of money to buy postpartum rehabilitation and postpartum fumigation equipment,Have a professional technical team to serve you,Perform unique reflexes,Combined with traditional Chinese medicine fumigation to awaken the injured pelvic floor muscles,Increase pelvic floor muscle strength and elasticity,Restore pelvic floor function to normal,And increase vaginal tightness,Reduce postpartum urine leakage, sexual life disorders and gynecological inflammation and other complications,Improve the quality of postpartum life。

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