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Anesthesiology department

 Introduction to Anesthesiology

The anesthesiology Department of Songxian People's Hospital is the key department of the hospital, divided into the old district anesthesia surgery department, the new district anesthesia surgery Department, the new district outpatient day anesthesia surgery center, currently open 12 operating rooms, operating rooms equipped with multi-functional anesthesia machine, multi-parameter monitoring equipment, ultrasound, endoscopic equipment and supporting surgical instruments。The Department of Anesthesiology has strong technical force,There are 1 deputy chief anesthesiologist, 4 attending anesthesiologists, and 8 anesthesiologists in the anesthesia medical team,There are 10 nurses in charge and 12 nurses in the surgical nursing team,It can carry out general anesthesia, intraspinal anesthesia, controlled hypotensive anesthesia, central vein catheterization, invasive arterial pressure monitoring, depth of anesthesia detection, ultrasound-guided anesthesia and other technologies,Cooperate with other departments to carry out general surgery, chest, orthopedics, obstetrics and gynecology, ENT and trauma emergency surgery smoothly,The hospital has a green channel for emergency surgery,It provides a powerful guarantee for emergency critical surgery。Day outpatient anesthesia provides various painless comfort technologies for day surgery and outpatient patients, and assists in painless abortion, painless gastroenteroscopy, painless tracheoscopy, painless delivery and pain treatment。The Department of Anesthesiology provides safe and comfortable medical services for the majority of surgical patients with first-class equipment, advanced technology and high-quality services。

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