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Dermatology clinic

Introduction of dermatology of Song County People's Hospital

The dermatology department of our hospital is a member of the dermatology alliance of Henan Provincial People's Hospital and a sentinel of cosmetic adverse reaction monitoring in Henan province。At present, there are 1 deputy chief physician, 2 attending physicians and 1 physician, all of whom have studied in provincial and municipal superior hospitals, mastered new technologies and new progress in time, and carried out standardized diagnosis and treatment of skin diseases and venereal diseases and skin beauty。
The current business is:
1.Fungal microscopy: for the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of dermatomycosis (ringworm);
2.Wood lamp examination: used for the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of skin leukoplakia and vitiligo;
3.Skin patch test Allergen test: allergen test for exposure to allergic skin diseases;
4.Liquid nitrogen freezing: used to treat hemangioma, freckles, age spots and various warts;
5.Electroion therapy: for the removal of condyloma acuminatum and various skin growths;
6.Local drug blocking therapy: used to treat keloid and neurodermatitis;
7.Fire needle and back of ear bloodletting: for the treatment of shingles and acne;
8.Narrow-spectrum UVB phototherapy: for the treatment of psoriasis (psoriasis), vitiligo, pityriasis rosea, lichen planus and other skin diseases。
9.Red and blue light treatment: used to treat acne (pimples), shingles, facial dermatitis, skin ulcers, etc。
10.Ultrasonic drug introduction: used to treat melasma, acne, flat warts, etc。
11.Fruit acid, compound acid skin: for acne (pimples, pimples), melasma treatment and facial skin rejuvenation。
12.Q-switched Nd:YAG pulse laser: used for freckles, Ota nevus, tattoo removal;
13.Superpulse dot matrix laser: used for angioma, xanthoxanoma, spider naevi, skin tags, old
Fine removal of age spots and other obstructing skin lesions, repair of acne pits and scars, dot matrix peels to improve facial relaxation, wrinkles, pigment damage and other aging problems。
14.Photon rejuvenation: used for removing freckles, whitening and rejuvenation, removing red and acne, hair removal, shrinking pores, improving oil skin, improving dark and yellow skin, fine wrinkles and other light aging and facial skin maintenance and rejuvenation。
15.Skin surgery: carry out skin tumor, pigment nevus, scar repair, inlay secondary paronychia correction, armpit odor minimally invasive skin surgery。
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