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Breast clinic

Introduction to the breast department
Breast department clinical key specialty, Founded in February 2012,It is a combination of medical treatment, health care and teaching, supported by the characteristics of external use of traditional Chinese medicine,Advanced medical technology as the core of the development of modern breast specialty ,The department currently has 2 clinical attending physicians,There are 4 nurses in charge,Reasonable personnel structure,Strong technical force。Medical staff have been sent to Henan Cancer Hospital, Henan Maternal and Child Health Hospital, the First Affiliated Hospital of Henan University of Chinese Medicine, Anyang City Maternal and Child Health Hospital for further study。In recent years, I have been to Zhengzhou many times to participate in academic exchanges 。Department leader Yang Shuanghuan,Attending physician,Beijing Air Force General Hospital,Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Luoyang Central Hospital for further study,Good at breast cancer early screening benign and malignant disease diagnosis!The department is characterized by the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine ,At the same time, it has low frequency pulse of breast and far infrared transmission therapy instrument,TCM external powder treatment,Traditional Chinese medicine encapsulation treatment,iontophoresis,Chinese medicine collapse,Breast dredging technique,Postpartum distension, swelling,Lack of lactation, etc。Rich unique TCM comprehensive treatment techniques ,Integration of traditional Chinese and western medicine,Address both symptoms and root causes,Outstanding curative effect,Have a good reputation and influence in the society and industry,The department has a not afraid of hard work,Dedicated breast care team,Medical excellence,Comprehensive technology,At the same time, we should pay more attention to the psychological nursing of patients,Comfort each patient with love, patience, care and responsibility。Provide quality nursing services for patients 。Since March 2018, the Breast Department has undertaken the "Two cancer screening" work of Henan Province's livelihood practical project, and carried out early screening and diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer for women in eight townships in the county!
Specialty dominant diseases:
一,Breastfeeding: It has formed its own characteristics in breast care and promotion of breastfeeding during lactation,At the same time, there are breastfeeding guidance room and postpartum breast dredging room,Guide mothers to feed their babies scientifically,Help mothers with breastfeeding difficulties,It is widely praised by breastfeeding mothers,For postpartum open milk,Prolactin retractile has a perfect treatment system。Quick, painless and effective 。
Second, lactation mastitis: the use of traditional Chinese medicine ointment external application, appropriate with breast massage, greatly shorten the recovery time of the disease and does not affect normal breastfeeding, the vast majority of patients can avoid surgical incision, milk return and other pain!
Third, non-lactation mastitis: plasma cell mastitis, granulomatous mastitis using internal administration and traditional Chinese medicine, external application technology, nipple irrigation, puncture cupping and puncture pumping of pus combined methods, quick effect, good effect, some patients can avoid surgery。
Fourth, breast hyperplasia: the use of traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese patent medicine treatment, breast hyperplasia with external drugs, physical therapy and other means to provide reliable, multi-channel treatment
Fifth, milk stasis: the use of scientific and effective methods to actively treat,Reduce the incidence of mastitis and mammary abscess,Introduce advanced technology,Abscess puncture irrigation was performed,Catheter irrigation drainage and other minimally invasive methods for the treatment of mammary abscess,Most patients can avoid the pain of traditional incision and drainage surgery,At the same time, it effectively reduces the probability of milk return,Increase breastfeeding rates
Six, breast cancer: pay attention to breast cancer screening work, can detect early breast cancer lesions, early diagnosis and early treatment!Improve the treatment rate and survival rate of breast cancer!Improve the quality of life of patients!
Seven, the combination of traditional Chinese and Western medicine characteristic therapy: including acute mastitis manual milk drainage,External application and internal administration of traditional Chinese medicine,Postpartum milk opening,The traditional Chinese medicine characteristic therapy such as the manipulation massage of prolactation and milk return ,Treatment of papillary white bubble by external application of traditional Chinese medicine,Nipple discharge and ductitis of mammary glands are used to treat breast pain,Treatment of mammary hyperplasia with warm compress of traditional Chinese medicine,Breast disease and breast cancer precancerous Chinese medicine treatment and so on!

Breast Department Address: Old area outpatient fourth floor

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