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Department of Neurology third ward

Introduction to three departments of neurology 

The three departments of neurology are the key specialties at the county level in Henan Province, and the characteristic and advantageous specialties of Song County People's Hospital are the professional departments for the prevention and treatment of cerebrovascular diseases in our county。The department has 1 chief physician, 3 attending physicians, including 1 master student, 2 resident physicians, 1 supervisor nurse 5 nurses, 11 nurses. The medical staff has been to the national provincial and ministerial hospitals for further study many times, and has rich clinical experience。The department has 3 single rooms, 1 double room, 15 general rooms, with 51 beds, clean environment, comfortable and convenient。
The department deals with cerebral infarction, cerebral hemorrhage, subarachnoid hemorrhage, hypertension, encephalitis, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, facial nerve palsy, hemifacial spasm, trigeminal neuropathy, myelitis, various peripheral neuropathy and other diseases.It can carry out routine thrombolysis and thrombolysis in emergency patients with cerebral infarction,Minimally invasive removal of intracranial hemorrhage, cerebrovascular angiography, cerebral artery stent implantation, aneurysm spring packing and other techniques,High level of medical treatment, rich treatment methods and high rate of recovery。
Danxin hot language, emotional patients。We always adhere to the "patient-centered" service purpose, implement the concept of harmonious and innovative development, and provide high-quality and efficient medical services for the majority of patients。
The fine doctor is honest, virtuous and dedicated

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