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Songxian People's Hospital is the only third-level general hospital in our county and Henan Province's "Five one pioneer" first aid station, responsible for the county's people's medical and health care, preventive health care, medical teaching, scientific research, public health emergency medical rescue and other tasks。
        In recent years,Under the correct leadership and strong support of the superior health administration department,Songxian People's Hospital has developed rapidly,Obvious improvement,Hospital High specification design of the new district hospital near the mountains and rivers,First-class environment;Upgrading of the old hospital area,Advanced facilities,Functional perfection,Take on a new look,At present, it has formed a unique pattern of simultaneous operation of one hospital and two districts,In Luoyang county hospital is still the first,The business occupancy of the two hospitals exceeds 100,000 square meters。The hospital has 128 CT, Philips 1.5T magnetic resonance, imported DSA and a large number of high-end sophisticated equipment;The total number of employees is over 1000,Among them, 94 are senior professional health technicians,More than 350 people with intermediate professional titles;It has five county-level clinical key specialties of cardiology, neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics and emergency care center in Henan Province,And cooperate with Jinhui General Navigation,Built the first county-level "Helicopter Airfield speed rescue Hospital" in Henan Province,The National Model Stroke Center, National Standard Chest Pain Center, tertiary hospital trauma center, stroke center, and chest pain Center have been successfully established,The provincial Health Commission identified the first batch of county medical centers,Service capacity continues to improve。
        In the face of the major epidemic, the hospital has been responsible and courageous to effectively defend the life and health of the people, and has taken the lead in building a PCR laboratory in the city's county-level hospital, becoming the first county-level hospital in the city to have the capability of nucleic acid testing for COVID-19。
        In solid work,The hospital has won many national and provincial honors such as "National People's Assured Demonstration Hospital", "Top Ten Huimin Hospital in Henan Province", "Advanced Unit in Henan Province's Fashion construction", "Advanced Unit in Henan Province's Health", "Advanced Unit in Henan Province's county-level hospital service capacity construction",Won the trust and praise from all walks of life and the broad masses of the people。

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